Gas Safety Certificates

gas safeTrusted Gas Safe Plumbers in Brighton

As Gas Safe registered engineers, we ensure that gas safety where you live or work is never compromised. In fact, we strongly advice that whenever any plumber comes to visit, no matter who they claim to be, you should always ask for ID. Remember it’s illegal for any engineer in this country to work with gas but without these credentials.



Gas safety certificates (CP12) for landlords

Being a landlord can be a stressful and demanding job, especially when you have numerous tenants to look after. It is your duty as a responsible landlord to have your gas appliances serviced annually. You are also legally obliged to produce a gas safety certificate each year.

Carbon Monoxide

By fitting an audible alarm it will alert you to the presence of the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, produced by unsafe gas appliances.  Unfortunately you can’t see it, taste it or smell carbon monoxide, however it can kill quickly and without warning and can cause death, as well as serious long term health problems, such as brain damage.

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